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One of the hardest things that I had to deal with as a new mother was lack of sleep, and I am sure you can relate.

In an effort to help me and my little one find the tools we needed to be a well-rested partnership, I searched and scoured for everything that I needed to know about sleep training.

Then one day, tired of having to search from page to page, I decided that it was the time that all new mothers should be able to find the sleep training information that they needed in one spot.

Hush & Lull Baby was then born. A blog that is dedicated to relating my experiences and learning in the hopes of helping you find you and your baby’s path to a good night’s sleep.

I will provide you with tips and tricks and insights on how I managed to find the right method to get my little one to sleep and find a sleep cycle that would benefit her and me in the long run.

Let’s face it, nobody wins when there are sleepless nights, am I right? So, I hope that there is something on Hush & Lull Baby that will help you and your sweet little one.